Black Range Full House Mix 440ml x 12 pack

A Full House of our Black Range with a trio of each beer to enjoy – Dominion (4.8%%), Third Perspective (5.2%), Midnight Express (5.2%) and Kashmir (5.5%).

Dominion: Brewed with our friends from Nottingham’s Castle Rock, this tropical pale is extravagantly hopped with a quintet of hops coupled with a clean malt base and lashings of fresh pineapple juice to deliver a delightfully zingy pale.

Third Perspective: This style is a debut for the Black Range, a Cold IPA! Fermented at a lower temperature using lager yeast and featuring the new wave of British hops, Harlequin, Olicana and the experimental hop CF302.This heavily hopped IPA is very clean, crisp and crushable.

Midnight Express: A beautifully poised pitch-black stout with a complex tapestry of rich, dark malts that are laden with mocha, bitter cocoa, and oats. The hop aroma is fresh, balanced, and spicy and drives a tantalisingly clean finish.

Kashmir: An elegant, strong Salopian version of an IPA. Citrus, pine, and tropical fruit engulf the palate and caress the senses. A dry body with an extremely long lingering finish. 

Please note – Third Perspective & Kashmir serve with a hazy appearance and Dominion with a cloudy appearance as they are both unfiltered and unfined. Midnight Express is dark, very dark.


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