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Welcome to Salopian Brewery

Salopian Brewery was established at The Old Dairy on the outskirts of mediaeval Shrewsbury in 1995.  Since then the brewery has become synonymous with the production of top quality consistent beers.

The brewery has had to increase capacity twice to keep up with demand, with production now topping 80 barrels a week.

The brewery has strong ties with it’s broad customer base and ensures that products are supplied in optimum condition, are easy to work with, and above all, popular with customers.

New to Real Ale ?

Real ale is a type of beer defined by its traditional production. Also known as "cask conditioned" beer; the fundamental distinction between real and other ales is that the yeast is still present in the container from which the beer is served, although it will have settled to the bottom and is not poured into the glass.

Because the yeast is still alive, the process of fermentation continues in the cask or bottle on the way to the consumer ensuring a fresh and natural taste.

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Salopian beers have a distinct style, they are usually full bodied, aromatic & well balanced. The malt, water, yeast and hops used are always sourced from the same suppliers and the beers produced will naturally show similar characteristics.





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