A Full House of our Black Range – Illuminance (5.4%), Moonbow (6.2%), Blossom (4.9%), Bulletproof (5.8%),  Polygraph (7.4%) and Sineater  (7.2%)

Illuminance – a simply devine 5.4% DDH IPA full of Mosaic and perfect to savour.

A frosty cantaloupe orange gushing with fluffy tropical fruits, whispers of dank pine and cushioned notes of toasted crackers. A scintilla of bitterness is intertwined into a web mango and papaya.

Moonbow – A classic West Coast IPA, Moonbow is a delicious 6.3% ABV and packed full of Citra, Centennial, Cascade, and Ekuanot hops.

The epitome of many a relationship. It starts beautifully, swooning you with a bouquet of sweet tropical fruits, slick resinous mist of vivacious pine and dank sticky toffee sweetness, descending into a bitter unpredictable end.

Blossom – Our first Fruit DDH Pale of 2021 and what a treat it is… A refreshing 4.9% ABV, Blossom lives up to its name. Sweet, candied orange blossom with resinous pine balanced by creamy doughy malt, swirling into tart fresh pineapple and pithy lemon. On a long summer evening, what more would you want?

Sineater – A delicious debut for this vibrant and opaquely golden DDH Pale. A union of exquisite leaf hopping, and tantalising dry hopping all jammed into a fruit spread of pineapple, caramelised orange, and soft sweet mango. Superbly fluffy malts parachute a devilishly light bitterness.

Bulletproof – A beautifully structured 5.8% IPA, extremely rich in flavour but light on the palate. A fresh aroma of mango, peach and lemon offer hints of the depth of hop character that swells refreshing across the taste buds in a bold and tart fashion.

Polygraph: A full flavoured Imperial Stout with toast, liquorice, hints of dark fruit, chocolate and mocha that are tempered by crisp tart bitterness and a smooth velvety texture.

Please note – Bulletproof and Moonbow serve with a hazy appearance as they are unfiltered and unfined. Illuminance, Sineater and Blossom all serve with a naturally opaque appearance.


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