Bulletproof, IdlyWild, Sienna & Iridescence Mixed Case 500ml x 12 pack

A delicious mixed case of 4 great beers to choose from…

Bulletproof (5.8%), IdlyWild (4.9%), Sienna (4.4%), and Iridescence (5.6%)

Bulletproof: A beautifully structured IPA extremely rich in flavour, but light on the palate. Fresh aromas of mango, peach, and lemon offer hints of the depth of hop character that swells refreshing across the taste buds in a bold and tart fashion.

IdlyWild: Crystallized pineapple and dry spruchy pine lead the sweet mango softly across the fold to pithy tangerine bitterness and a crumb of fluffy dough.

Sienna: Rich and golden to the eye, orange blossom surges across a succulent shower of mandarin and lime. Rich and opulent and ever so refreshing.

Iridescence: A delicious raspberry wheat beer that is cloudy & tart. The fresh raspberries melt into a smooth juicy nuance, cloaked by a delicate fragrance of summer berries.

Please note – Apart from Sienna, the beers all serve with either a hazy or cloudy appearance as they are unfiltered and unfined.


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